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We are an award winning creative agency with offices in Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio with a passion for helping our clients grow.
Web development is the process of designing static and active websites using cutting edge coding technology in an effort to provide the clients customer base with an interactive experience while maintaining the focus on the clients products or services. We achieve excellence in this arena by staying up-to-date with coding changes that are stable and tested prior to roll-out.
A responsive website is a site that does not require individual, sized and separately coded web pages to be viewable on any device and any screen size. The webpage is coded in such a way that the format of the website being viewed changes layout with each different screen size while presenting the same information as on the desktop based webpage view. Such as this website, the menu will collapse, tables will resize, buttons will change shape and the content of the site will shrink to make it viewable on your device.
First of all, you will need to decide on a domain name for your website, once we have purchased one for your business we will need to discuss your budget for your website design. Once your budget has been reviewed we will need written content for the site, as well as any photos you will want to add to the site. We will integrate graphics into your site for navigation and context to fit your vision of your website. Once all of this has been organized we will provide you with a first pass design for you to review. Once you have reviewed it and made any changes you wish to the site we will load it on a production server (hosting) account for the world to see.

Our Promise to You

Our experienced team of web and graphics designers will bring your site to life on the web. Building a state-of-the art site that will impress your customers and have them coming back to see more. Whether its a basic services page or a complex ecommerce site we have the tools your company needs to increase sales and traffic to your site.

Hosted on cutting edge technology with a 99.5% uptime guarantee we will ensure your site is up and running 24 hours a day seven days a week. Have questions about our services feel free to [CONTACT US], we would be happy to answer any of your questions.

An Introduction to Our Services
The Project isn't over until you are completely Satisfied with the end product

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Vector Graphics
Vector Graphics
Web Design
Web Design
App Development
Business Consulting

Let our team of experts help you spearhead your business into the future. From manufacturing, computing, Project Management (EVM/Lean Manufacturing), Document Management and more we can ensure that you have the business intelligence information you need, when you need it.

ISO Certification, OSHA Regulations Compliance, Import/Exports, Security, Training and more is now at your finger tips by coupling with our team.

Vector Graphics

Vector graphics is the use of polygons to represent images in computer graphics. Vector graphics are based on vectors, which lead through locations called control points or nodes. These vector graphics can be enlarged or shrunk with little to no loss of detail as with other image types, giving the artist the ability to work with a variety of mediums like paper, vinyl and web designs.

Our artists can design your logo, business print materials and web based graphics to fit your needs using state-of-the-art design software.

Web Design

In todays market there are so many options for web design, from do-it-yourself editors to more advanced coding methods. While these options assist you in the design there are elements of web design that are missed by using these methods. Besides, you most likely have little time to build your own site while focusing on what you know, your business. Our team of programmers can offer you a cost effective design to fit your business needs with modernized design methods, graphics design and update options to allow you to focus your valuable time on your business and customers.

We also offer a proven process of marketing that will help put your website at the top of every major search engine at light speed compared to other processes out there on the web.

Application Development

We all know of the million applications available for download on the app stores, and your business may benefit from its own application to help drive customers and traffic to your business. Let our team assist in designing your own application and also assist in marketing it to the major app stores for apple and android products.

We also offer custom applications such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, Accounting software and Business Intelligence software to help run your business as it grows. Inquire to one of our sales team members to discuss your businesses needs.


The secret of a company is the team
We have matched a team of professionals with experience, knowledge and a passion for the work they do.
James 'Link' Larsen
James Larsen
Team Member
Trey Westmoreland
Team Member
Joe Screen
Melanie 'Asmo' Freeland
Melanie Freeland
Team Member
James Larsen
James is a Senior Programmer on the team with advanced knowledge of a variety of programming languages, Graphics Design, 3D Design and web based marekting methods. He is passionate about the clients and making sure that all his designs meet the customers needs with perfection.
Team Member
Trey Westmoreland
Trey specializes in object oriented programming and machine coding. He possesses advanced skills in web design as well as business application development. He is a valuable asset to the team with his knowledge and professionalism.
Team Member
Alec Screen
Alec possesses advanced skills in machine code, object oriented code and web based code. He is a programmer with the company with a focus on specialized projects such as ERP systems, accounting systems and Business Intelligence software design.
Team Member
Melanie Freeland
Melanie brings extensive graphics design experience to the team as our Senior Graphics Designer with over 20 years experience using a multitude of mediums from paper print to vinyl work. Here experience rounds out the team in providing our clients with the highest level of quality possible.
Here you will find some of our award winning services.

Here are some services our team can provide you, but it doesn't end there.

Ask one of our sales team members for other services we can provide your company.

Web Design
Developing websites has always been our passion and main goal since we started the company. Our team of experts has been building websites since the beginning of the internet boom.
What we offer you
  • Custom Design
  • Responsive Sites
  • Advanced Web Applications
  • Management and Monitoring
  • SSL and Secure Site Monitoring
SEO & Marketing
Our team has developed a proven process to drive your site to the top of every major search engine through networking, submission and social engineering to ensure your customers find your website on the first try.
What we offer you
  • Social Networking
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Direct Marketing
  • Local, State and National Marketing
Graphic Design
Vector Graphics, 3D Design and Animation - Our team can provide you the image as you see it through your own eyes. Graphics that your customers will always remember as your brand.
What we offer you
  • Business Card Design
  • infographic Design
  • Website Design
  • Logo Design
  • General Business Graphics
App Development
Need an App to help your customers process orders, contact you or simply learn about your products? Our team can provide both mobile applications and applications to run your day to day business.
What we offer you
  • Mobile Apps
  • Custom ERP Software
  • Accounting Software
  • Inventory Management
Quality work you can depend on

Here is a small sample of our expanding portfolio.

We offer a turn key solution to our customers to provide the highest quality of business continuity;

while you focus on your day-to-day operations.

Advanced tools for skywarn spotters in the field for reporting back to the National Weather Service.
Custom Online Resumes
Custom online Resume/CV designed to improve on the traditional printed resumes.
Butchers Choice of Nevada
Butchers Choice of Nevada, providing quality meats to business and residential customers.
Shield 3D Design
A rendering of a 3D engineering model for a ballistic shield design.
Armor Plate Design
A 3D rendering of an armor plate worn by military personnel in their soft armor vest to increase protection.
GooRoo Computers Website
GooRoo Computer, Pine Level NC company website design.
Blackmons Towing Service
A local towing and moving company for vehicles.
PaPa Rescue
Rescue serive for animals
AR15 Flash Suppressor
An AR15 Flash Suppressor designed for a local gunsmith in 3D using Solidworks 3D CAD Software.
Banner Welding
A Local small business welding and machine shop.
Ron Williams Website
Nationally recognized motivational speaker Ron Williams and his "Art of Smart" program.
Patriots Group
Nationally recognized group of activists supporting the Constitution of the US
About Our Team

We pride ourselves with keeping up-to-date on coding and technologies on the web. We are maintaining our cutting edge through continuing education courses, seminars and webinars available through several different organizations. Our goal is to provide you with cutting edge technology via collabrative learning.

We have partnered with GoDaddy to provide the highest quality of services through the backend of your website, giving us the flexibility to hard code your website with supportive backend technologies.

These technologies provide a stable platform for applications to run on for using CRM, ERP and other business related software that can run from the server.

Our team can assist you in planning, installing and executing the different kinds of software available to you and give you directions and tutorials on how the software works.

Cold Fusion
About Us
We are an award winning creative agency based in Nevada with a passion for helping our clients grow. Through Website Design, Updates and Modifications to bring it up to date so the search engines will index it. As well as making it a "responsive" website that will work on any size device.
About JL2 Designs
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Best Services

We are a specialized company providing Website Design services, Graphics Design services, 3D CAD Engineering Services, Application Development Services and Much more. We started this company as a small business in a little town located in Nevada, word of mouth quickly spread and the business grew to what it is today.

About US

While we may not be the cheapest in town we are the most exprienced and most well connected group of individuals that have access to a multitude of tools to make your project go from concept to commercialization.

About Us

We understand that our products are not a tangible good and in that case customer service is the number one driver in this industry. We strive to make our customers feel like family, a part of our group, having input on the design and development of their project from the first step of the story boarding to the finished revision and Beta Launch.

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ND Defense
Offering both physical and virtual security for your business.
JL2 Tactical School
Our online school for teaching survival, navigation, security and more...
Patriots Group
A Group associated with the 3%'s and other patriot groups.
NC Skywarn
Online tools for the Skywarn Spotters in North Carolina

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We are an award winning creative agency with offices in Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio with a passion for helping our clients grow.