Application Development

Our Application Development services start out with a 7-day focused planning period, which during this period the Client and the Design Team outline as many possible options and functions the client wishes the APP to contain within their budget. The Design Team then begins the process of quantifying the programming outline required to include the Clients requested add-ins. This will then give the Design Team the beginning Milestones for the App Development Project to start the Planning Phase of the Project.

The Project itself is tracked using the JL2 Project Environment System, allowing the client to have up to the minute status updates on the different aspects of the App’s development phases. The client is also able to contribute to the project as a team member, adding input, providing additional information through the system and more…

Our team of engineers has been developing apps for iOS and Android Operating Systems for over 10 years. We have a strong fundamental understanding of how the iOS and Android Operating Systems work and how to unlock the full potential of these platforms to overcome even the toughest challenges for our clients.

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Whether you're researching mobile development companies for the first time or you're looking to develop your next version iOS and Android apps, you should prepare to answer questions about your mobile app project.

During the request for proposal (RFP) process, share information openly with all vendors to ensure each vendor is using the same information to estimate your project. Just as you want to learn more about the technical capabilities, design expertise and industry experience of the development companies you contact, your vendors want to learn more about your company, product requirements and business model.

While we don't ask or require you to answer all these questions, prepare to answer as many questions in this app development questionnaire as you can to receive accurate cost and timeline estimates for your app. If you're feeling overwhelmed, we're happy to walk you through the most important questions and help you answer them.

About You and Your Company
How do you like to work? Tell us about you and your company and we'll share our processes and best practices. When you share your goals, we deliver an app that exceeds your expectations.

How many mobile app projects have you managed?
Help us understand your personal experience overseeing mobile software projects. Is this your first mobile project or have you successfully launched a dozen mobile apps?

How often does your company build custom software?
Are we going to teach your team about software development processes or does your team contract out several custom software development projects annually

Has your company built a mobile app before?
Does your company have experience building end-to-end mobile apps? Do your stakeholders understand mobile apps present a different set of usability and development challenges?

How does your app make money or reduce costs?
How will your mobile app either generate new revenue streams or create operational efficiencies that reduce costs? Does your business model include advertising, in-app purchases or subscription pricing? How does your app make employees more productive?

Why is your company building this app now?
What is your motivation for building this app now? What's the strategic importance? Did a competitor just release an app? Have you been thinking about this for some time?

Does your app have a target launch date?
Do you need to release this app for a conference or trade show deadline? What else influences the timeline? If you're releasing an iOS app, does Apple need to approve it by the same target release date?

What's your budget for this project?
Can you give us a budget range to ensure we're good partners for each other? How tight is your budget? Are you willing to break your project into phases if we can't deliver your entire scope for your budget?

How much money has your startup raised?
Is your company a self-funded, seed funded or VC backed startup? Will this app help you raise your next round of financing?

How do you measure success?
Can you share the qualitative and quantitative criteria you'll use to measure success? Do you have revenue or new user targets?

Design Driven Development
We utilize a design-driven development process to give our development team a clear understanding of your requirements, keeping your project within budget and on schedule. Because good mobile UI/UX design requires mobile design expertise, you should look for individuals or agencies with extensive mobile design experience.

If you want us to design your app, What apps do you like?
Can you list links to apps you like and describe what do you like about them? Do you like the colors, fonts, layouts, animations or something else?

What is your brand style guide?
Do you have a style guide or branding guidelines we need to follow? Are there any specific fonts or colors you'd like us to use? Can you share your logo file in vector format?

How should tablet layouts be optimized?
Will your tablet app utilize a layout that maximizes screen real estate and differs from your phone layout or should we stretch your mobile app screens to fit tablets?

Do you want both portrait and landscape views?
Will portrait and landscape views increase your app's usability or can we recommend a single view to reduce costs?

Target Mobile Platforms and Form Factors
We recommend you build native iOS and Android apps because native mobile apps provide a superior user experience. If budgetary constraints prohibit you from building native apps, we can explore building hybrid, HTML5 or code generated apps.

What mobile platforms are you supporting?
Are you targeting iOS (iPhone and iPad) and/or Android platforms? Would you like to launch on one platform to start and then expand to other platforms?

Do you want a native app?
Do you want the performance and usability advantages of a native mobile app or would you prefer to build a hybrid, HTML5 or code generated app instead?

What form factors are you supporting?
Do you need both mobile and tablet apps? Can we deliver your tablet app a few weeks after your mobile app is released?

These are just a few of the questions that are asked in the APPLICATION DESIGN QUESTIONNAIRE Please complete this form as much as you can in order for us to best quote your project.

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