James Larsen

James Larsen

Engineer / Program Manager

Over the course of my career, I have had the privilege of working in a variety of unique fields such are armor, weapons, composites, production sewing, information technology, law enforcement, and security.

I have always maintained a passion for the design, development, and testing of composite armor systems for vehicles, personnel and infrastructure, which; this passion has allowed me to become an instructor to law enforcement both federal and state on the armor systems deployment and use, as well as the opportunity to author forensics standards and training manuals for military and law enforcement agencies employing techniques proven in combat.

While my passion has been armor I also enjoy technology, which has assisted in the development of many of my armor designs. With that said, I have studied for many years computer programming in a multitude of languages including web code and machine code. This has enabled me to build an artistic side, designing vector artwork and websites for nationally recognized organizations and businesses.

I am always looking for the next challenge, one that will allow me to hone my current skills and learn new ones along the way. With each position I have held over the years I have been afforded the opportunity to work with some very amazing people, and learn from some of the best in those industries. I look forward to working with your team in the pursuit of knowledge, teamwork, and leadership.

Focused and detail oriented with a proven track record of product design and development from conception to commercialization by employing Earned Value Management (EVM) techniques, Project Management methodologies and advanced research techniques. As a result advances in system designs, protection levels, manufacturing methods, laboratory testing procedures, and forensic evaluation models have been developed and improved and or defined. These methodologies have been employed in a variety of forensic manuals for the FBI, Military, and State Police organizations.

Skills include: extensive knowledge in composite design incorporating advanced fiber matrices and resins; production methods for manufacturing centralized around lean systems; process engineering; structural design utilizing composites, metals and woods; production management; Import/Export regulations; ISO compliance; physical and virtual security design and implementation as well as OSHA regulations and implementation for large scale facilities.


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Work Experience

  • Head Instructor
    JL2 Tactical Online School
    Jan 2018-Current

    On online school environment offering courses in Emergency Response, Medical, Navigation, Security, Survival and Tactical Training for the beginner and advanced learner.

  • Owner
    JL2 Designs, Pahrump NV
    Dec 2017-Current

    JL2 Designs provides custom websites utilizing the most advanced coding supported by a team of skilled graphics designers. JL2 provides 3D modeling and printing, 3D CAD Prints as well as network/virtual and physical security environments to protect critical data systems.Business consulting services for the Armor Industry and Tech Industry

  • Independent Consultant
    JL2 Consulting and Design Services, Four Oaks NC
    Jun 2015-Nov 2017

    Specializing in helping small business improve their web presence and marketing of products/services using a proprietary methodology to increase ranking status on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other third party search engines. We are not a SEO but a core group of individuals versed in making the most out of the internet for small to medium sized businesses.

  • Web and Software Developer
    GooRoo, Inc.
    FEB 2014-MAY 2015

    Software development for client applications including database driven ERP/CRM software, hardware driver builds and general software support. Web Development for 60 plus clients in the local region utilizing up to date programming languages and responsive design.

  • Director of Engineering - Armor
    Diamondback Tactical, LLLP
    DEC 2010- FEB 2014

    Director of Engineering
    Design, prototype, test and approve new hard and soft armor systems for production and sale to Law Enforcement, Military, Security Forces and Private Security Sectors. Designs include Level III and IIIA Man Portable Shields, Small Arms Protective Inserts (SAPI) Plates for personnel, Ballistic Resistant Helmets, Rolling Bunkers for Security Checkpoints. Utilizing non-woven fabrics, composites (Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber and other high performance materials). Process engineering for production of products. Ballistic testing with Diamondback’s indoor three lane ballistic range with fixed receivers, spike and knife testing with calibrated equipment. Mechanical testing and evaluation of new materials utilizing infrared mass spectrometers, Instron, climate controlled chambers and various other mechanical testing equipment. Responsible for maintaining National Institute of Justice compliance on all certified armor.

    Director of Information Technology
    Administer Windows Server 2012 Enterprise network for 60 users on LAN and 15 remote users, PolyPM/PolyGon ERP software management, SQL 2012 Management, Network Security and related hardware, network scripting, data management, telecommunications (VOIP) installation and maintenance, SSL VPN roll out. Responsible for improving the services on the network and remote access as well as implementing tighter security protocols and scripting to secure company sensitive documents and software.

    Hazardous Materials Training Instructor
    Instruct company wide on safe handling, OSHA compliance, Storage, management and spill response for volatile chemicals used in the manufacturing of military and law enforcement products.

    Industrial Lift Truck Instructor
    Train and educate the employees on safe operation, handling and care of powered lift trucks, certify qualified employees for operation of lift trucks within the facility.

    Chief Security Officer (CSO)
    Developed and implemented security in depth countermeasures to protect both employees and sensitive documents within the corporate environment. Designed entry and exit point security screening and control measures. Security protocols modeled from the Department of Defense; National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM).

    ISO Officer
    Responsible for ISO audits, compliance and operations within the facility.

    Quality Control Director
    Oversee ten quality control inspectors for inline and final inspections, wrote and implemented quality standards based on US Government contracting guidelines.

    Director of Safety
    Ensured that equipment, personnel and processes are within OSHA 1910 standards. Interfaced with OSHA inspectors to ensure compliance during random inspections.

  • Manager - Armor Systems
    3TEX, Inc.
    SEPT 2007- SEPT 2010

    Manager – Armor Systems
    Oversee product development and engineering, client relations, business administration, government contract administration and execution

    Export Compliance Officer
    Responsible for all export and import regulated activities. Organized, designed and implemented company-wide export compliance program.

    Alternate Facility Security Officer / Anti-Terrorism Officer
    Responsible for implementation and safeguarding Department of Defense classified technical data and information. Manage PCL’s and FCL for the company, implementing perimeter and internal security, risk assessment and counter-intelligence.

    Government Contracting
    Work directly with Army Research Laboratory (ARL), Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), Naval Special Warfare Command (NAVSOC), Marine Systems Command (MARSYSCOM) and contracting offices to include Small Business Development offices to administer contracts, SBIRs and STTR’s. Managed, negotiated and executed RFPs, RFQs and Appropriations contracts associated with integrated armor systems on Ground Combat Systems.

    Prime Contractor Relations
    Established and maintained research and development, sales and program oversight with Prime OEMs (General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products, Raytheon Missile systems, Boeing Phantom Works, Lockheed Martin and AM General)

  • Consultant
    Delta Elite, Inc.
    JUL 2007 - SEPT 2011

    Provide professional consulting services to the armor industry in process planning, cost reduction, manufacturing insight, facility operations, technical instruction, product design, rapid prototyping, modeling, research and development.


  • Keiser University
    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

    A.A., Business Administration – Focus on Management, Phi Theta Kappa, Studies focused on management supported by scheduling and budgeting.

  • Dunlop-Stone University
    Phoenix, Arizona

    Certificate program for Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and International Traffic in Arms regulations (ITAR).

  • S2 Safety and Intelligence Institute
    Clearwater, Florida

    Certified Anti-Terrorism Officer, Human Intelligence for Law Enforcement, Bomb Security for Executive Protection and Accessing Terrorism Related Risk

  • Defense Security Service Academy
    Linthicum, Maryland

    Essentials in Industrial Security Management, Protecting Secret and Confidential Documents, Marking Classified Information, Insider Threat Counter-Intelligence, Information Security Systems, Anti-Phishing, DOD Information Assurance Awareness, Information Systems Security Awareness, Risk Management for DOD Security Programs, Anti-Terrorism Level 1 Awareness Training, Personally Identifiable Information Level 1, Transmission and Transportation for Industry, Business Structures in the NISP Developing a Security Education and Training Program, DOD Physical Security Measures, Lock and Key Systems and Derivative Classification.

  • ISO Thermal Community College
    Spindale, NC

    Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), General Emergency Services (GES), Ground Team Leader (GTL), Mission Radio Operator (MRO), Mission Staff Assistant (MSA), Urban Direction Finding (UDF) and Skills Evaluator (SET)

Certifications / Accreditations

Saving lives has been the driving force of my career, which in turn has been the motivation to educate myself within a variety of fields to ensure I maintain a holistic view. This certification path has lead me to a high degree of security for sensitive information, large-scale emergency management, physical and virtual security as well as methodologies in project/program management to tie all of these fields together.

Download Certifications File

  • Export Administration Regulations Certified
  • International Traffic in Arms Regulations Certified
  • Certified Anti-Terrorism Officer
  • Human Intelligence for Law Enforcement
  • Bomb Security for Executive Protection
  • Accessing Terrorism Related Risk
  • Certified in Homeland Security (CHS Level IV)
  • Sensitive Security Information Certified
  • Certified Crisis Response Coordinator
  • Essentials in Industrial Security Management
  • Protecting Secret and Confidential Documents
  • Marking Classified Information
  • Insider Threat Counter-Intelligence
  • Information Security Systems Certified
  • DOD Information Assurance Awareness
  • Information Systems Security Awareness
  • Risk Management for DOD Security Programs
  • Anti-Terrorism Level 1 Awareness Training
  • Personally Identifiable Information Level 1
  • Transmission and Transportation for Industry
  • Developing a Security Education and Training Program
  • DOD Physical Security Measures
  • DOD Lock and Key Systems Certified
  • Derivative Classification Certified
  • HazMat Transportation Security Certified
  • Certified Industrial Lift Truck Instructor
  • Community Emergency Response Team
  • Ground Team Leader
  • Mission Radio Operator
  • Mission Staff Assistant
  • Urban Direction Finding
  • Skills Evaluator
  • US Army - Advanced Land Navigation Instructor

Professional Affiliations

  • Association of the United States Army (Life Member)
  • NCMS - The Society of Industrial Security Professionals
  • American Board for Certification in Homeland Security
  • American Board of Forensic Examiners
  • American Red Cross
  • United States Air Force Auxiliary - Civil Air Patrol
  • National Emergency Management Team (NEMT)

Subject Matter Expert

  • Expert in the design, testing and manufacturing of hard armor for personnel, vehicles and aircraft utilizing advanced composites and metals.
  • Expert Witness in Ballistics and Government Contracting United States District Court Case #5:08-CV-00597-BO(3)
  • United States Army/TACOM –Composite Armor for Ballistic Protection on Combat Vehicles; Ballistic/Explosives Expert; Ground Combat Vehicle Program
  • Department of Homeland Security – Blast Mitigation – Ballistics/Explosives Expert H-SB08.2-001 SBIR (2008-2010)
  • United States Marine Corps – EFV Armor Design – Ballistics/Explosives Expert N101-002 and N101-003 (2010)
  • United States Army/TARDEC – Lightweight Structural Composite Armor for Blast and Ballistic Protection; Ballistic/Explosives Expert; Contract #W56HZV-06-C-0687 (Sept. 2007 to Aug. 2010)


Andrew Bair - Partner, Sway Ventures

"James Larsen has requested that I provide a letter of recommendation on his behalf, and I am very pleased to do so. I worked with James from 2013 to 2015 when I served as the CEO of Diamondback Tactical, which was a portfolio company of Torch Hill Investment Partners where I was an Operating Partner. James served as the Director of Engineering at Diamondback Tactical, and he was responsible for all facets of the engineering and hard-armor product development and manufacturing functions at the company.

James possesses a keen set of advanced skills in composite design, hard armor development, and mechanical engineering, and he managed hard armor product department very professionally, which resulted in significant advancement in the company’s hard armor applications. James is a skilled leader who manages teams of engineers and mechanical fabricators, and he produces object-oriented results. He has a well-developed ability to take a project from concept to commercialization, and he incorporates project management skills and teaching that allow production teams to generate manufactured products effectively based on design, costs, and engineering requirements.

I am very pleased to highly recommend James Larsen, and I am confident that he will contribute well to any organization or company that is fortunate to have him on its staff."

Charlie Byrd ~ Sr. Sales Exec. M2 Optics, Inc.

"James and I have worked together on many projects ranging from armor technologies and weapon systems, to textiles. I have always found James to be an outside the box thinker, highly intelligent with a burning passion for innovation. I would not hesitate for a moment to undertake the most difficult projects with him at my side. I am sure that he and I will have an opportunity to pursue innovation again together at some point and I look forward to that moment."

Ben Raviv ~ Director at Logistics a Group

"James has an incredible understanding of armor systems, a deep knowledge of advanced materials, and the energy and excitement to take a complicated engineering project from the boardroom, to the development lab, and onto the production floor. Working with James has been a great pleasure. When we were working together on various projects, I trusted James' capability to scrutinise unhealthy engineering designs and process, and strive for the best possible technical solution required by the project. Besides from being a highly capable technical team leader, James is also a humble, hardworking and polite person that is a great asset to any team."

Joe Gragg ~ President/CEO at Gragg Resources

"James has always impressed me with his continual passion for increasing the survivability of the soldier in the field. He accomplishes this through his extraordinary industry knowledge, in depth business knowledge and motivation to continually improve. James is an individual I look forward to working with again and again. He is a valuable professional and personal friend."

Donald Akers ~ Owner at Kairos Partners

"James is an exceptional talent. I find his capabilities above the norm. He is a team player and always helps his comrades and partners. He has a vast knowledge of the defense marketplace and is very succesful in manuvering its opportunities. James is someone I count on and enjoy working with him."

Robyn Welch ~ Inside Sales/Account Manager

"James Larsen is a one of a kind sales engineer, armor systems manager, ITAR/EAR officer just to name a view of the many hats James wears on a daily basis. An entrepreneur type personality. He is a genius in spearheading new enterprise, ventures or ideas, and assumes significant accountability and leadership skills for the inherent risks and the outcome. James, is an ambitious leader who combines various tasks at hand, yet he is so down to earth in explaining every detail to his fellow colleuges, and to our customers. I cannot say enough about James Larsen he is a pleasure to work with on any task at hand, or project. James brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and has a pro-active team player approach and shines within our Team at 3TEX. The customers love working with James. Why because he has been instrumental in developing and creating new innovative solutions, and/or to customize a product to meet the customers specific standards or requirements. James, can be counted on to exceed all expectations and go the extra mile to make things happen."

Charles Gaylor IV ~ Director, Wayne Community College

"James takes great interest in the people around him. His ability to note reactions and decipher organizational behavior is a great and useful tool. His strengths in this area will make him a solid leader when the opportunity presents itself. He is a talented engineer who will continue to grow and become a major asset for any company."

Stephen Andersen ~ Director of Product Development at Beretta USA

"I have been working with James as a partner with UD on several large-scale government programs for nearly two years. His attention to detail is exemplary. He is always willing to lend a hand in any area, and is extremely resourceful whether in finding answers to difficult questions, or finding sources for "unobtainium" supplies and materials. His technical capabilities and experience in the field of personal protection are impressive. He is a pleasure to work with!"

Jeremy Akers ~ Gov't Business Development

"James is an energetic, motivated, hardworking professional, and excels when attention to detail and the ability to multitask count the most. He can continuously be counted on to exceed expectations and go the extra mile to make thing happen. He is dedicated, personable, and has a burning desire to please. James is an inventive mind with a drive for creative and collaborative material development. James’ expert knowledge of the woven composite and advanced protective material marketplace were showcased when James played an integral role in developing new passive armor approaches to increase protection and reduce weight for Army ground platforms, resulting in the development and delivery of several lightweight cost effective passive armor solutions. He provided an effective bridge between the program requirements and industry capability. James is a genuine self-starter and meticulous in his approach to solving difficult problems. James consistently demonstrates an “out of the box” approach that has resulted in significant advances in his field, and its forward vision. He is a completer - finisher and an asset to any organization."

Lisa Hamilton ~ Pattern Maker at General Sportwear, Inc.

"James Larsen is one of most professional yet down to earth people I have met. He is very detail-oriented with any given task. James also has great work ethic and has the ability to make people at any level feel comfortable. I would highly commend him for any undertaking."

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